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Thank you for your purchase of a SKIMI 3D item. All our products are made with love and pride. We want to give you the best user experience and help improve your online life.

Right click on the item and select (Add). The HUD will automatically be placed in the center of your top screen. Wait a little moment until the HUD asks you to click on [ UNPACK ].

After you have done that, a new directory will be added to your inventory. It will contain all the items you purchased with the product.

The HUD will now show you a few more icons. Click the respective icon if you want to follow us on social media or go to the Marketplace or go to the website.

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Category: Getting started

Smaller products are delivered directly to your inventory. Drag ‘n drop them directly from your inventory to your plot.

Larger objects are packed in a rezzer box for easier placement. You can recognize this by the object name. In this case: SKIMI 3D – Bricks 04 – Rezzer Box.

Drag this object from your Inventory in world onto your plot. A small box with coordinates (red, green and blue) appears. The object will be moved in front of the box in the direction of the red arrow. Make sure that you have enough free space.

When you click on the box, a small window will appear. Click on “Rez” and the object will appear in full size. Depending on how many parts it consists of and how fast scripts can be executed on your plot, this may take a moment.

If you want to move the building to the right place, you just have to move the rezzer box. The object will follow the rezzer box. Once you have found the right place, click on ‘FINISH! After that you can delete the rezzer box.

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All doors were equipped with the well-known KOOL doors scripts. By default, the doors open for everyone as soon as he comes to the door.

If you want to configure the doors, click with the left mouse button on a door and keep the mouse button pressed. Now move the mouse away from the door with the mouse button pressed and release the mouse button afterwards. The configuration menu opens.

With ‘Access‘ you can define who can open the doors. Only the owner, the group under which the building was razzed or everybody.

The doors open synchronously. Under ‘Synchro…’ you can define the channel, which doors should open synchronously. If you rez the same building several times, for example to run a mall, it is advisable to use different channels for the other buildings at a distance of 20 meters.

With the ‘Opening’ button you define how the doors should open. Automatically or by clicking.

Under ‘Closing’ you can set the time after how many seconds the doors should close again.

To keep the doors open permanently, you only need to click on them once.

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If your building or item has this switch, usually on the roof or at the back of the building, or in a discreet location, the item provides even more functions.

Click the switch to see what else you can rezz. For buildings it is often snow, or a timed front light. Click the respective button to rezzen the feature.

With the ‘Options’ you can define who can use the button (Group, All, Owner). If you click ‘Hide’, the switch becomes invisible.

Tag: Secondlife