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Smaller products are delivered directly to your inventory. Drag ‘n drop them directly from your inventory to your plot.

Larger objects are packed in a rezzer box for easier placement. You can recognize this by the object name. In this case: SKIMI 3D – Bricks 04 – Rezzer Box.

Drag this object from your Inventory in world onto your plot. A small box with coordinates (red, green and blue) appears. The object will be moved in front of the box in the direction of the red arrow. Make sure that you have enough free space.

When you click on the box, a small window will appear. Click on “Rez” and the object will appear in full size. Depending on how many parts it consists of and how fast scripts can be executed on your plot, this may take a moment.

If you want to move the building to the right place, you just have to move the rezzer box. The object will follow the rezzer box. Once you have found the right place, click on ‘FINISH! After that you can delete the rezzer box.

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