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Wealth from nothing

Wealth from nothing was the title of an article in the online news magazine SPIEGEL Online  from January 15, 2006, which I can say has had a major influence on the rest of my life.

I don’t think it is the deep desire in me to ‘get rich out of nothing’, but fascinated I was then by the content. Sure, I had been chatting since the beginning of the 1990s, here in Germany already with BTX (Bildschirmtext) . But what I read there was something completely new for me. A graphical world, meeting other avatars, animated by real living people, interacting with the world, creating things, and sharing them with everyone around the world. I really had to check it out!

And then came January 16, 2006. I downloaded the Second Life Viewer, created an account, chose a username, and found myself on a small island. And my journey began.

Today Skimi celebrates its 16th rez day. And Second Life is still a part of my life. Sure, sometimes we move away from each other, evolve. Today, 16 years after I started, I’m continually active in Second Life again. I have big plans. The land is already acquired, a beautiful SIM – hilly landscape, lots of greenery and water. And a lot of free space. I need that, too. New buildings are planned, all this will surely take some time.

That’s why I decided to create an extra section for Second Life on This blog post is the beginning. A few pictures will follow and little by little this section will be expanded.

And then there was this news on social media. Philip Rosedale returns . Everything feels good now!

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