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Become a SKIMI 3D Insider: Unlock a World of Exclusive Benefits

In the boundless realm of Second Life, your imagination is the only limit to what you can create and experience. At SKIMI 3D, we’re dedicated to pushing these boundaries even further, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Introducing the SKIMI 3D Insiders — a unique club for the creators, the innovators, and the dreamers.

What It Means to Be an Insider

Being a SKIMI 3D Insider is about more than just membership; it’s about becoming a part of an exclusive circle of visionaries. As an Insider, you’ll gain early access to our newest creations and have the opportunity to shape the future of our products by becoming a beta tester.

Perks of the Insider Experience

20% Off: Enjoy a standing discount on all SKIMI 3D products throughout our shop.
Early Access: Be the first to get your hands on our latest and greatest creations.
Beta Testing: Influence our design process with your feedback and help us refine the future of 3D objects.
Special Promotions: We treasure our Insiders and show our appreciation with exclusive promotions and free products at selected times.

Joining Is Easy

Becoming an Insider couldn’t be simpler. A one-time fee of 250 L$ grants you lifetime access to the SKIMI 3D Insiders club and immediately unlocks all the exclusive benefits. This fee is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in the quality of your Second Life experience, enabling us to continue delivering innovative, premium content.

A Message From SKIMI, Our Founder

“SKIMI 3D was born from a vision to enhance the Second Life experience through unique, high-quality 3D products. As an Insider, you’re not just supporting my work; you’re becoming part of a community that’s stretching the limits of what’s possible in our virtual world.”

Ready to Revolutionize Your SL Experience?

Join the SKIMI 3D Insiders today by clicking on our in-world poster or by following this link to our group page: SL Group. Your journey into a deeper world of creativity and connection awaits!