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SKIMI 3D: Unleash the Fun in Opensim

Welcome to SKIMI 3D Games, your gateway to extraordinary virtual gaming experiences. We craft immersive 3D games meticulously designed for Opensim. Each game we offer combines the thrill of strategic gameplay with stunning graphics, resulting in an irresistible appeal for players.

But we're not just about the end-user experience. We also provide opportunities for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their own virtual landscapes. If you're considering bringing a unique gaming dimension to your environment, our game licenses are the perfect solution.

At this special moment, we're delighted to go above and beyond for you. Instead of our usual 3-day test run, we are offering an incredible opportunity: a full year of personal license, absolutely free. This gives you ample time to witness how our games blend flawlessly with your space. Don't hesitate. Begin your journey in revolutionizing your Opensim experience with SKIMI 3D Games today. The first step has never been so rewarding.

Discover Our Featured Games

Cosmic Ascension
Cosmic Ascension

Cosmic Ascension': a 'Higher and Lower' game machine for your land. Offers a unique, manga-themed card experience. High scores and pot feature.

Sector Delta: Stealth Wars
Sector Delta: Stealth Wars

2042: Dive into Sector Delta's stealth battleground. Harness T.A.M., navigate perilous waters, and outwit hidden foes. Earn grid credits, unveil secrets, and dominate the naval arena. Can you master the challenge?

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