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A warm welcome

Hello, thank you for visiting I have been creating and building virtual worlds and 3D assets for many years. I discovered this passion many years ago and I love doing this.

With this website I have a goal. I want to give you a fantastic user experience with my assets. No matter what project you want to use it for. It should be professional, fun and easy to use.

No matter if you want to edit the assets in Blender or use them for your project in Unity, Unreal, SecondLife, Tivoli Cloud or one of the many other online worlds.

I also want to share my knowledge on how to create an online world and what it takes to do so. So, there’s a lot to do, which I’m really looking forward to.

Have a nice day!


Until the SKIMI 3D website is ready to go, I want to recommend you two wonderful projects:

CG Boost is an academy for learning Blender and Substance Painter. Zack and his professional team of teachers will teach you everything you need to know to become a Blender guru in an original and entertaining way. The Blender beginner course is free of charge. See yourself!

And then I would like to recommend Tivoli Cloud. A great place to host your world or sandbox. When you sign up, you get 1 GB of free storage to create your own world. With the security tea:// protocol you secure your objects against theft. Have a look, there are also some of my worlds online. See you soon!

CG Boost
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Blender Training for Nerds and Professionals

Get started with our free Blender Beginner Training and learn how to create 3D art you can be proud of.

Tivoli Cloud
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Create your very own worlds where you can build together with others and express your imagination.